Build Your Dream Home

Building your own home gives you the freedom to make your own choices about design, floorplan, materials used, aspect, sustainability and flexibility for you and your family as your needs change in the future.

We are excited to be of real practical use to you! From the outset, we can facilitate your requirements – drawing up plans, working through local authority paperwork with you, compiling an exhaustive schedule of works and materials for both inside and out.

Use Bicester Builders to build your home, and to fit it out and complete the interior decor. Make your mark with you design, furniture and gadget choices, and we will be delighted to finish off your property to the highest standard; leaving you to simply turn the key and move in.

And it’s not just single build projects; we take on multi-builds too.  We strive to book in your project around five weeks after completion of drawings, with a fixed start date.

Contact us for more information, whatever stage you are at.


New Build step 1 - Get Inspired

Start Dreaming and Pinning. Share with us all the photos you collected from late night photo searches. We will collaborate with you to learn about your style, needs, and wants in your home. These photos you collect, whether online or from magazine cutouts, are very helpful for our team to learn what is important to you. 

Don't know what you want? Don't worry, we can help with that too!

New Build step 2 - Start Designing

This is when the fun begins! Bicester Builders and your design team will meet with you to review your budget and ideas, and from there we will finalize the layout to create a custom conceptual plan.

As part of our conceptual design process, a 3D flythrough of your new plan will be created so you can see the conceptual plan come to life on your lot.

New Build step 3 - Finalize

Your Bicester Builders team will work on completing the construction plans from the 3D model and finalize the building quote. We will review with you a timeline of the permitting and construction process. We will be present you with the finalized building plans and construction agreement to turn into the bank and start the permitting process.

New Build step 4 - Customize

Our team collaborates with you on everything they learned from your design style during the initial conceptual design phase. We will assist you in selecting finishes, customization’s, and options in during this phase.

New Build step 5 - Build

Your home is built by our team of expert craftsmen and overseen by your Bicester Builder's Site Manager.

New Build step 6 - Orientation

Now all the details are coming together! Several weeks before you move in we do a final orientation walkthrough with you to discuss the operation of the mechanical systems and custom features in your home. We also check to make sure everything is meeting your expectations and we can make final adjustments prior to your move in.

New Build step 7 - Welcome Home

Move-in Day is Finally Here! Your house has been cleaned and final pre-inspection has been done prior to move-in.

Even after your move in your support at Bicester Builders doesn't stop. We have a dedicated warranty and service team that is ready to assist you post move-in.

Congratulations, you're finally living in your new dream home!

* These timeframes are examples and may vary due to project

Are you ready?

Give us a call now to get started, and by this time next year you too can finally move into the house of your dreams. What are you waiting for?